IN4ACT Advisory board will meet Professor Solomon Darwin

University | 2023-06-09

On June 21-22, 2023, the IN4ACT Advisory board will meet a renowned international speaker, Professor Solomon Darwin, who is the Executive Director of the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation and the Center for Growth Markets at the University of California, Berkeley, USA

Professor Darwin is an expert in open innovation and business models and is known as the father of the Smart Village Movement. He will provide valuable insights on how technologies can drive sustainable development in third countries with the Smart Villages case.

He inspires students and professionals from both business and engineering disciplines through his courses on open innovation, business models, smart cities, scalable smart villages, and business models for emerging economies. He has worked with a range of large global brands and government entities in Europe, China, Russia, India, and Latin America. In addition to teaching, Prof. Darwin directs and moderates international innovation conferences and forums, and chairs quarterly Chief Innovation Officer roundtables in Silicon Valley.

This will be an excellent opportunity for In4Act members learn on how businesses can contribute to the sustainable development of third countries and practical knowledge of how international companies can leverage exports to meet the socio-economic needs of a country.

This will also provide networking opportunities with an international expert on open innovation business models and opportunities for peer-to-peer discussions on sustainable business development globally.