Collaboration with business

In4act team applies analytic techniques to business problems such as statistical, machine learning and deep learning algorithms for classification, continuous estimation, clustering, anomaly detection, and producing recommendations.

As part of Kaunas University of Technology, the In4act team collaborates with business companies regarding:

– Conducting R&D activities as partners in EU funds’, MITA, LMT funded projects

– Directly providing services for companies

– Company-specific analytics use cases

– Automated recommendations for forms’ fields auto-complete

– Automated recommendation for task assignments

– Prediction of task accomplishment duration

– Company-specific ERP-embedded recommendations

– Order-to-cash, Purchase-to-pay, Manufacturing-to-release process discovery, conformance checking and improvement insights (e.g., long cases, bottlenecks, over-exploited resources)

– Order-to-cash, Purchase-to-pay, Manufacturing-to-release process real-time case prediction based on historical data

– Company-specific use cases of process mining

– Employee productivity and health improvement insights

– Customer habits insights

– Process improvement insights

– Company-specific use cases of wearables-based data collection and analytics

– Sales and demand forecasting

– Predictive maintenance

– Yield optimization

– Procurement and spend analytics

– Inventory and parts optimization

– Statistical process control

– Company-specific use cases of analytics for manufacturing and supply chain

– High quality and transparent data flows to monitor progress with respect to supply chain goals.

– Data hub for circular economy monitoring and reporting connected to circular economy data and software.

– FAIR principles

– Machine-actionability of data collection

Technological change is a long-term systemic process that will have a profound impact on all business management practices and the economy, regardless of the industrial sector in which companies are located and the institutional context in which they operate. Scientific input and collaboration with business and public sector organisations are critical to the exploration and development of new business models and forms of work organisation, new skills and new performance management, and legal and regulatory frameworks at regional, national and EU levels. The idea of the KTU SEB Business Clinics is based on:

  • The need to share the knowledge and practices developed by the KTU School of Economics and Business together with its partners and the results of relevant research with business and public sector organisations;
  • The need to incorporate original business practices into the regular study process;
  • A strategic commitment to developing competencies in change leadership, strategic and systems thinking.

Hands-On (hereinafter – the Project) is an optional module for second-year master’s students of the KTU School of Economics and Business and other stakeholders (students of other KTU faculties, ECIU network students, and business representatives) who intend to deepen the competencies of socio-economic assessment, strategic management, organizational design, project management, change management, and investment evaluation.

UP4SKILL is a platform that offers diverse and contemporary learning opportunities that cater to the needs of all learners. The University aims to provide modern and comprehensive development pathways that are flexible and adaptable. By leveraging science-based knowledge, innovative teaching methods, and understanding the current labour market, society, and individual needs, KTU offers a range of courses and learning experiences for those seeking personal growth and skill development.

Business administration KTU MBA is a year-long journey that involves the development of change leadership and resistance to changes in the business environment. This study programme will provide the latest knowledge and international practices, and skills necessary to develop an innovative business and a resilient organization. That is why change initiation and management are chosen as the axis of the KTU MBA study programme. This programme is intended for managers of business companies and organizations in the regions, managers of small and medium-sized companies, and middle managers of large companies responsible for implementing changes in organizations.