Prof. dr. Lina Dagilienė

Principal Researcher of Digitalisation research group

Principal investigator of Digitalisation research group at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuania. Former head of the Department of Accounting at KTU School of Economics and Business. Her research interests focus on the interdisciplinary economic and management research, emphasizing corporate social responsibility and sustainable economic growth, sustainability reporting, data analytics, corporate performance digitalization and measurement.  She is also involved in interdisciplinary study projects and is a developer of interdisciplinary graduate study program „Business Big Data“, delivers a course “Seminar on Big Data Analysis and Application” for master students. L. Dagilienė has experience in managing and implementing national and international research projects. She is the member of international scientific conferences (EURAM, EAA, ISBEE), the Chair of the Organizing committee of the international scientific conference TARC2017. 

Lina Dagilienė