Prof. Mantas Vilkas

Project Researcher

Mantas Vilkas is a Researcher at ERA Chair team, IN4ACT and a member of Digitalization Research Group at School of Economics and Business at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania. He hold a Ph.D. in Business and Administration from the Kaunas University of Technology. Mantas has a long experience in research, fundraising, and lecturing. He was a visiting scholar in University of Girona (Spain) and Aalto University (Finland). His current research and teaching focus on the complementarity of operational excellence methods, digital technologies, and data analytics. He is a representative of Lithuania in European manufacturing survey, a network of EU universities, collecting comprehensive data on the diffusion of organizational and technological innovations across Europe.

  • Operations and technology management
  • Digital technologies and digitalization
  • Operational excellence methods
  • Intelligent process automation

He is particularly interested in extending and testing process theories and uncovering sequential patterns using qualitative (narrative, visual mapping, etc.) and quantitative (multi-method approach, process mining, etc.) approaches.

Mantas publications appeared in such journals as the Learning organization, International Journal of Public Sector Management, Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence. He is a chief editor of WoS and Scopus indexed journal Engineering economics. He has published the following works in the last years:

  • Vilkas, M. Stankevice, I., Rauleckas, R. A. “Extending cumulative capability models: the role of innovation in the accumulation of capabilities. Journal of Quality and Reliability  Management, Accepted for publication, 27, October, 2020, Published online 23, November 23, 2020.
  • Vilkas, M. Seinauskiene, B., Rauleckas, R. and Rutelione. A. “Lean, Agile and Service-oriented performers: templates of organising in a global production field“, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Accepted for publication, 25, September, 2019, Published online 17, October, 2019.
  • Vilkas, M., Stankevice, I., Duobienė, J. and Rauleckas, R. (2021), „Achieving leanness: the relationship of lean practices with process exploitation and exploration“, International Journal of Services and Operations management, Vol. 38, No 2, pp. 201-219.
  • Vilkas, M.; Duobienė, J. and Rauleckas, R. (2020), “The cumulative capability models: a contingency analysis“, International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management. Vol. 11 No. 4, pp. 275-287.
  • Bučaitė-Vilkė, J. and Vilkas, M. (2018), “Discussing municipal performance alternatives: public perceptions of municipal services delivery in Lithuania“, International journal of public sector management, Vol. 31 No. 4, pp. 525-542
  • Leišytė, L., Vilkas, M., Staniškienė, E. and Žostautienė, D. (2017), “Balancing countervailing processes at a Lithuanian university“, Learning organization. 2017, Vol. 24 No. 5, pp. 1-13.
  • Vilkas, M. (2014), “The role of emergent networks in a planned change of organizational routines“, Transformations in Business & Economics, Vol. 13 No. 2 (32), p. 42-61
  • University of Girona (Spain), 2019
  • Aalto University (Finland), 2012

Other short-time visits: Aalborg Copenhagen, M-tech; University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic; University of Maribor, Slovenia; University of Novi Sad, Serbia; Denmark; Erzincan University, Turkey; University of Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy; Instituto Politecnico de Coimbra, Portugal; G.D‘Anunzio University, Italy.