Dr. Anna Sadowska

Project Expert


Anna Sadowska is Project Expert in an ERA Chair Team Member at the School of Economics and Management, Kaunas University of Technology.  For more than fifteen years she participated in international research projects financed by the European Commission, the OECD, and national and regional authorities, industry and business associations, and academic/research institutions across the EU, USA, South America and Asia. In addition to contributing to research and technology development (RTD) projects, since 2003 Anna  collaborate with the European Commission as a project expert, reviewer, evaluator, and as a member of advisory bodies like Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) where she has acted as rapporteur.

Areas of Expertise

Her professional experience relates to her career in IT business sector. For more than a decade she has overseen and contributed to the several commercial projects focusing on structural and organizational changes driven by digital technologies in several sectors, including production, aerospace, health and financial services. In this context, one of her key responsibilities was to analyse and manage changes in business process models (BPM) which require continuous shifts across different aspects including interoperability, standardisation, security and internal organisational rules.

This experience provides Anna with a professional track record and set of skill to make a significant contribution to the development and implementation of the cutting edge technologically advanced projects driven by interdisciplinary teams both in Research and Industry.

Anna Sadowska

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